Properties for Rent

You can choose from 1 BHK Water & Land Cottages and 2 BHK Villas. Suitable for youngsters looking to take a break or have a staycation to families looking to spend quality time with their loved ones, we offer something for everyone. Click here to see each unit in detail.

Water Cottage

(4 Occupants Each Unit, 5 Units Available)

1 BHK duplex units around a water body with fully-furnished bedroom, living room and bathroom.

Land Cottage 

(4 Occupants Each Unit, 4 Units Available)

1 BHK single storey units with 2 bathrooms attached to both Living room as well as bedroom. 

2BHK Villa 

(6 Occupants Each Unit, 2 Units Available)

2 BHK Duplex villa which can accommodate 6 people comfortably. It is located on the highest point on the property .